Dating your college ta

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Even in an age when the feminists apparently control everything, it seems that the practice of older (usually male) scholars sleeping with much younger (usually female) graduate students is alive and …

My apologies again, thank you for your consideration, and see you [INSERT DAY HERE]. Before this term was coined, we seemed to have a little more control over our priorities.While many of the general policies and expectations also apply to graduate service assistants and graduate interns, GSAs and interns are not bound by the same eligibility requirements as TAs and RAs and do not receive the same benefits as TA­s and RAs (e.g., tuition remission).This handbook describes the general roles and responsibilities of TAs and RAs as well as policies regarding their supervision and evaluation.I received the following email this past term: Hi TA E. Thanks, Bob You do not want to write an email like this to your teaching assistant. As usual, I just talked in circles about irrelevant information that won't even be on the test, mostly because I just enjoy the sound of my own voice. It was rainy and I was tired and Grey's Anatomy in my bed seemed like a much better idea. I was wondering if you went over anything important?

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